Frequently Asked Questions

 1     Crimsafe Mesh

   1.1      What's special about the paint on Crimsafe mesh?
   1.2      How big are the holes in the Tensile-Tuff  security mesh?
   1.3      How well can you see through Crimsafe  Tensile-Tuff security mesh?
   1.4      Is it Pet-proof?
   1.5      Is Crimsafe fly-proof and mosquito-proof?
   1.6      Is Crimsafe sand fly or midge-proof?
   1.7      Is the Tensile-Tuff security mesh available in any other colour besides black?
   1.8      Does Crimsafe  Tensile Tuff security mesh cut down the heat and light of the sun?
   1.9      How thick is the wire used in Crimsafe Tensile Tuff security mesh?

  1. 2 The Strength of Crimsafe

   2.1      Why is Crimsafe so strong?
   2.2      How strong is Crimsafe's Tensile-Tuff security mesh?
   2.3      Can Crimsafe's Tensile-Tuff security mesh be cut with a knife?
   2.4      Can I use Domestic grade Crimsafe in a commercial application?
   2.5      Do Crimsafe doors need a mid-rail?
   2.6      Can my Crimsafe Sliding Door be pulled off of the tracks when locked?

  1. 3 Our General Warranty

   3.1      Explain the Crimsafe General Warranty to me

  1. 2 Year Extended Warranty

   4.1 Terms and Conditions

  1. 5 5 Year Extended Warranty

   5.1 Terms and Conditions

  1. 6 304 Security Steel and 316 Marine Steel

   6.1      Is Crimsafe made from 316 Marine Steel or 304 Security Steel?
   6.2      What are the differences between 304 Security Steel and 316 Marine Steel?

  1. 7 Cleaning Crimsafe

   7.1      Why do I need to clean Crimsafe?
   7.2      How do I clean Crimsafe?
   7.3      Why Crimsafe Won't Rust?

  1. 8 Crimsafe's Fire and Heat Resistant Properties

   8.1      Can Crimsafe be used for fire protection?

  1. 9 Crimsafe's Emergency Exit Products

   9.1      Can I get emergency exit windows made out of Crimsafe?

  1. 10 Crimsafe's History

   10.1      When did Crimsafe start?